Caesar vegan salad with homemade croûtons

Vegan Caesar salad with homemade croûtons
Vegan Caesar salad with homemade croûtons

The César salad is one of the most special and delicious salads, with a fresh and very appetizing taste that, in addition, is very easy to prepare.

Its origin is found in Tijuana, Mexico, specifically in a restaurant called Caesar's, run by an Italian family who, it is said, invented in the 20s a salad with the ingredients they had on hand in the restaurant.

This time, it is a Caesar salad made exclusively with ingredients of vegetable origin, so it is a version that does not contain cholesterol, trans fat, or lactose, only an exquisite flavor enhanced by an impressive vegetable Caesar sauce to which the homemade croûtons or croutons, have just given the essential final touch.

This salad is rich in complete proteins , fiber , phytosterols , tryptophan , isoflavones , carbohydrates , alliin , omega 3 , omega 6 and omega 9 , beta carotene , inulin , lecithin , flavonoids , vitamins C , E , K and group B ( B1 , B2 , B3 , B4 , B5 , B6 and B9 or folic acid ), calcium , copper , chromium , phosphorus , iron , lithium , magnesium , manganese , molybdenum , potassium , selenium , sodium , vanadium and zinc .

Below you can see what ingredients you need and the steps to follow in order to make one of the most irresistible salads out there.

Difficulty levelPreparation timeRations
Easy45 m.For 3 people



  1. Season the seitan cut into wide slices, put to heat the oil in a pan and, when it is hot, seitan on the plate sealing it for 1 minute on each side. When done by both sides, we turn off the fire and reserve also.
  2. Cut the crumbs into cubes, put them to heat the oil to fry and, when hot, fry the crumb until we see that the croûtons are golden. When done, place them in a colander or on a plate on absorbent paper and reserve.
  3. Wash the lettuce leaves, drain them well and cut them into 1 cm strips. Wide. When we have it all cut, we place it in a deep dish as the base of the salad.
  4. Cut the seitan into cubes and put it on the lettuce with the croûtons. Then, add the César sauce making sure it is well distributed throughout the salad (for this we can use a baby bottle) and, finally, sprinkle the cashew parmesan. Once finished with the salad, we serve it.
Aerial shot of vegan Caesar salad with homemade croûtons
Aerial shot of vegan Caesar salad with homemade croûtons
Caesar salad with homemade croûtons finished
Caesar salad with homemade croûtons finished
Caesar salad detail with homemade croûtons
Caesar salad detail with homemade croûtons


  • Make sure that the bread you use does not carry anything of animal origin, such as butter, milk, egg and / or mono and diglycerides of animal-derived fatty acids (e471).
  • If you want a lighter salad, you can make the croûtons by baking the bread or roasting it, instead of frying it.

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